What car has a ls6 engine?

The LS6 was originally only used in the high-performance C5 Corvette Z06 model, with the Cadillac CTS V-Series getting the 400 bhp (298 kW) engine later. The V-Series used the LS6 for two years before being replaced by the LS2 in 2006. For 2006, the Z06 replaced the LS6 with the new LS7.

How much does a ls6 engine cost?

A gen 3 aluminum bare block (LS1/LS6) is around $1,150. For comparison, a gen 2 cast iron four bolt short block is around $1,850 (with forged steel crank, four bolt mains, powdered metal rods, and hypereutectic pistons).

What cubic inch is a ls6 engine?

346 cubic inches

How do I know if I have a ls6 engine?

To tell the difference between the LS1 and LS6 blocks, look at where the head meets the block on the passenger side. If that little corner of block has a bullseye stamped on it, like mine does, it’s an LS1. If there is no bullseye, it’s an LS6.

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What heads came on ls6?

The 5.7L LS6 is the most powerful Gen. 3 small block engine as it came from the factory. It is an improved version of the LS1 produced for the 2001 Z06 Corvette.

LS6 Cylinder Heads.LS6 Cylinder Head SpecsIntake Runner Volume210ccExhaust Port ShapeD-PortExhaust Runner Volume75ccIntake Valve Diameter2.000 in.Ещё 8 строк

What is better ls2 or ls3?

But, the most obvious difference between the two is the displacement. The LS2 has 6.0L of displacement, and is technically was the first Gen IV Chevrolet engine. The LS3, on the other hand, has 6.2L of displacement and is also Gen IV Chevrolet engine. … To no one’s surprise, the LS3 heads are better than the LS2 heads.19 мая 2016 г.

Which LS engine is best?

If you’re planning on boosting your project the 4.8L truck engine will be perfect for you. The 4.8L can take insane amounts of boost completely stock and will really perform well. If you don’t want a barebones 5.3L or 4.8L you could always step up to a 6.2L truck block which is based on the LS3 engine.

How much HP can a ls6 handle?

A stock LS6 does have more power than a stock LS1. However, they can both make the same power with common upgrades. The aluminum blocks are not as strong as the iron block LQ4 and LQ9. But, they can be pushed to over 850 hp.

How much horsepower does a ls7 engine have?


Is the ls6 a good engine?

The ls6 is still a great engine as well, like they say though there is no replacement for displacement. The LS6 is an excellent motor especially for its time but the LS3 is a much better motor overall. The LS6 is an old design, it’s really a glorified LS1 which first went into production way back in 1997.

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How do I know what LS engine I have?

To get the right parts, you need to know which version of the LS you are starting with. The easiest way to tell the difference is to check the 8th digit of the VIN code on the original vehicle. Follow this link to Identify an LS Engine by VIN.

What is the difference between ls1 and ls6?

As far as I can tell, the only difference between the LS1 and the LS6 is the 243 vs 241 heads (2cc smaller chambers and sodium filled valves) and the camshaft.

How many different LS engines are there?

LS1, LSX, LSA, LS2, LS9 – there are around 40 different flavours of LS engine ranging from 255hp 4.8-litre donks right through to 650+hp 6.2-litre powerhouses – and that’s without even considering the aftermarket options.

What did LS 243 heads come on?

The 243 head came on the more powerful LS6 engine from 2001 to 2006, and was used in C5 Corvettes. Later engines like the truck-spec LQ9 and LQ4 used the exact same port design as the LS6’s 243 heads, but had 6 cc larger combustion chambers.

What engine did 823 heads come on?


How do I know what heads my ls3 is?

The LS3, LS9 and L92 all use essentially the same cylinder head foundation, featuring a four-digit identification number (top of head just outside the valve cover rail) 5364. The LS7 cylinder head is unique, with identification number 8452.