Your question: Can you run an electric trolling motor out of water?

Your motor is cooled by the water around it, while running it out of the water for a very short time would be OK, it would take a long time to drain the battery much running the motor out of the water with no load. Why risk damaging a very expensive TM to just drain the battery down.

Will a trolling motor overheat out of water?

Yes, if you run a trolling motor out of water, it will overheat. In fact, you shouldn’t run any boating motor out of water because you will burn it up. The enemy of your trolling motor is heat, and it significantly increases the chances of overheating if you run it out of water.

How far should a trolling motor be in the water?

12-17 inches

How long can you run a trolling motor?

The larger the rating, the more power the battery can hold, and the longer it will be able to power a motor at a given speed. For example, a 100 amperage hour battery is one that would be able to supply 25 amps of power for 4 hours (25 amps * 4 hours = 100 amp hours) before running out of energy.

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Can you run two trolling motors?

Yes, you can run two trolling motors on one battery, but you have one problem with that. As I said above, you will double the amp draw. That means you will drain your trolling motor at twice the speed because you’re drawing wattage for two motors.

How fast is a 30 lb thrust trolling?

In fact two 55 pound thrust motors will not move you any faster than one 30 pound thrust motor. Higher thrust 12V trolling motors are designed for bigger heavier boats with larger payloads. The maximum speed of a trolling motor is 5 mph regardless of how many pounds of thrust.

How do I increase the speed of my trolling motor?

The best way that I have always found to increase the speed of a motor is to increase the power of the motor by removing the current motor and installing one that has more power with a larger size and larger pitch prop. Bottom line – a motor only has so much power and spin a propellor only so fast.29 мая 2012 г.

How many HP is 55 lbs of thrust?

1/3 hp

Can I shorten the shaft on my trolling motor?

Yes, in some cases but to maintain the warranty on your motor we recommend it be done by an Authorized Minn Kota Repair Center. Some models cannot have the shafts shortened.

What is the best depth for a trolling motor?

The rule of thumb is that the top of the motor section should be submerged 12″.

How fast will a 70 lb thrust trolling motor go?

The trolling motor’s maximum speed is around 5 mph no matter how many lbs (pounds) of thrust it provides.

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How long will a trolling motor run on a 12v battery?

between 6-8 hours

What size battery do I need for a 30 lb thrust trolling motor?

12 V

What is the most powerful trolling motor?

Minn Kota has introduced the most powerful trolling motor on the market featuring 112 pounds of thrust. “As the long-time innovation leader, we have developed a motor that delivers significantly higher thrust with minimal impact to size and weight,” Minn Kota Senior Product Manager Dave Maryanov said.