TurboFORCE Revival Project

What was TurboFORCE?

TurboFORCE was the name of the package designed and engineered by Craig Hendrickson and sold by H-O Racing Specialties, Inc. in the late 1970s. It turbocharges a Pontiac V-8 engine mounted in a "Gen 2" Firebird. The following reprint from H-O's catalog and an article about TurboFORCE from Hot Rod Magazine explain it well. Click on the thumbnail for a larger view or click on the "text" below it for an easier read.

1979 H-O Racing Specialties, Inc. Catalog:
TurboFORCEPage 26 text Page 27 text Page 28 text

April 1978 Hot Rod Magazine article:
CoverPage 38 text Page 40 text