TurboForce Revival Project

"Transformation", page 38 text

The biggest problems confronting the Pontiac Trans Am owner who wants to turbocharge his car involve matching the turbo to the engine, fabricating the necessary intake and exhaust plumbing, and last but not certainly not least making it all fit within the crowded Trans Am engine compartment and still stay beneath the stock hood. At least those used to be the big problems, but no more. Now the folks at H-O Racing Specialties [defunct address] have solved all the problems and asssembled a complete prefabricated "TurboFORCE" kit.

Basically a "blow-through" system that pressurizes the carburetor, the kit utilizes a Rayjay 301E turbocharger. The A/R ratio of the turbo is dependent upon the displacement of the engine to which it will be matched. The stock Quadrajet carburetor is retained, but special carb parts are
included to modify it for the proper fuel curve, as described in the complete, illustrated instructions. Virtually everything needed to properly hook up the turbocharger is included in the installation kit, i.e., all of the exhaust plumbing, special cast-aluminum carburetor pressure bonnet, raised right side engine mount for exhaust pipe clearance, sectioned left valve cover to clear power brake units, turbo oil supply and drain lines, specially modified engine front cover, a high output pressure-balanced mechanical fuel pump to maintain seven psi fuel pressure above carburetor bowl pressure, a preformed steel fuel line to the carburetor, a supplemental Carter electric fuel pump and Holley in-line filter, distributor advance curve parts, a vacuum advance/pressure retard can and all the necessary brackets and hardware. The installation package sells for [defunct price] and the Rajay turbocharger, which is sold separately, goes for [defunct price], thus making the entire system less than [defunct price]. Installation takes the best part of a weekend for the novice, and of course the entire system can be removed from the car prior to sale or trade, if so desired. Maximum boost is self-restricting to approximately seven pounds with the stock catalytic converter and muffler in place. Performance tests on a '78 Trans Am with a 400 engine, 4-speed transmission and a 3.42:1 rear axle ratio showed 1/4-mile times of 13.90 seconds at 105mph, as compared to 15.40 seconds at 93mph for the same car prior to the turbo installation. H-O feels that the TurboFORCE system on a Trans Am with an automatic transmission...
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With the exception of the turbo boost pressure tube and the pressure bonnet beneath the bogus shaker hood scoop, the engine compartment appears nearly stock at first glance.