TurboForce Revival Project

What you get in TurboFORCE, page 28 text

Here is what you get in the basic TurboFORCE package:

All components, parts and hardware (except the turbocharger itself) necessary to install the TurboFORCE system. This includes:

AIR BONNET ASSEMBLY. The bonnet is designed and manufactured by H-O to blow through the Quadrajet carburetor. It ducts and distributes pressurized air from the turbocharger outlet pipe to the QJet air horn ring. It allows the Trans Am hood scoop to be mounted in the stocdk location. Special seals are used to prevent air and fuel leakage from the stock Quadrajet carburetor under boost conditions.
FUEL SYSTEM. A specially modified pressure-balanced mechanical fuel pump provides fuel at a steady seven psi above air bonnet pressure. An electric fuel pump is used at the back to assure adequate fuel delivery.
OIL SYSTEM. Heavy-duty truck and high temperature silicone rubber lines are used to assure good oil delivery and maximum resistance to wear.

EXHAUST SYSTEM. All exhaust pipes, connections and attaching parts are provided. The stock exhaust manifolds are retained for maximum reliability. The turbo outlet pipe must be custom connected after installation to the existing muffler system.
TIMING COVER. A modified stock timing cover is provided to reroute the lower radiator hose and provide an oil drain connection. All necessary special parts such as brackets, mounts, adapaters, spacers, hoses and mounting hardware are provided.
AIR FILTER. K&N air filters are used for minimum inlet restriction. Heavy duty duct used as required.