H-O Racing Tunnel Ram intakes

"Knock off" Version 2

In June 2015, a gentleman who owns a hot rod shop contacted Craig saying that he had taken in a parts trade what appears to be a Version 2 H-O Racing Tunnel Ram. He wanted to confirm that that was indeed the case. Initially upon casual inspection of the pictures provided, Craig indeed thought it to be the Version 2 Tunnel Ram built for Selden Ruwwe by H-O Racing in 1976.

Upon reflection and closer inspection of the pictures, Craig now is convinced that it is a "knock off" copy of the H-O Racing Version 2 Tunnel Ram. Who actually built it and its performance is unknown by H-O Racing.

Four obvious differences (there are more) between the "real" Version 2 and this knock off are:

This concludes the Tunnel Ram topic.