H-O Racing's Tri-Y Header

Headers ground clearance problem

The H-O Racing Specialties was a warehouse-distributor for JR Headers from 1974 onward. JR made an excellent header for Pontiacs, but their 4-tube header for Gen-2 (1970-1979) Firebirds with a Pontiac engine had the same problem as every other header manufacturer at the time (Hooker, Hedman, etc). The bottom 2 tubes on each side hung below the bottom of the front subframe side members and were easily damaged by speed bumps and other road obstacles. The problem was even worse on Trans Ams which were lower than other Firebird models. To make matters worse, some owners lowered their Trans Ams even more.

Headers ground clearance solution

A good solution to this ground clearance problem was created by Craig Hendrickson and Ken Crocie in 1977. A "Tri-Y" design was utilized, i.e., four tubes into two tubes into one tube on each side. There was essentially no power loss with the Tri-Y design compared to a 4-tube design, especially if running through mufflers.

NOTE: The Tri-Y Headers not for sale.
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