TD-61 455SD Engine Drawing repop

What is it?

This unique poster-size line drawing is printed from the original artwork. It is NOT a reproduction from a copy. Here is the original description about it from the 1978 H-O Racing Specialties catalog:

A life size line drawing of a Pontiac 455 Super Duty engine! It is equipped with a Torker intake manifold and exhaust headers. The drawing shows all the internal components in cross sectional view. It is poster size, 32" high by 26" wide, printed in black and white. It is suitable for hanging in shop or den or frame it for pop art room decor.
TD-61 [the H-O part number]
Pontiac 455 Super Duty Full Size Drawing [the poster]

While other publications by H-O Racing Specialties are available new and sometimes show up on eBay or elsewhere in used condition, until now the TD-61 poster has NOT been available new. Also, it is rare to find one at a memorabilia auction or at used poster shops.