TD-61 455SD Engine Drawing repop

The background story

  • A small, generic line drawing of a Pontiac engine cross section is in part 6 of most Pontiac service manuals of the era. That drawing inspired this poster. But the service manual drawing is only page size and merely representative of a typical early 1960s Pontiac engine.

  • Craig Hendrickson, a founder of H-O Racing Specialties, decided that the world needed a life size line drawing of the famous 1973-74 Pontiac 455 Super Duty (SD-455) engine, the last true muscle car engine and the best stock performance V-8 engine at the time (1975). The drawing shows accurate views of SD-455 intake & exhaust ports, SD-455 connecting rods and other performance-oriented parts of the era. The stylized "Pontiac" on the air cleaner is an icon created by H-O to identify their products.

  • Another interesting fact about this drawing is that Craig's sister Holly is the artist and the drawing was signed by her (see "Holly Crist" signature on driver-side oil pan line). She did a fantastic job of rendering a realistic representation of the SD-455. Her job was made a little easier because SD-455 parts were available for comparison in the H-O shop. Also, Craig was there to give advice and direction. As a reward for her efforts, Craig gave her the original art work. Holly had kept the artwork for 33 years, but she did not mention it to anyone until she was recently asked specifically about it.

  • The newly resurfaced original artwork has been scanned into a computer. The flaws due to the ravages of time (tears, dirt, etc) have been cleaned up 100% using AutoCad software. That source is now in vector (directed line) not raster (digitized bit-mapped) format. This technical difference means that the lines on this poster are as smooth as the original pen & ink version. The resulting beautiful poster is now available at reasonable cost from Ames Performance Engineering for all Pontiac fans and Muscle Car fans in general. Get a unique piece of nostalgia for your collection directly from the era!