H-O Racing's "Rocket Box"

The PY thread

A few weeks after the 2011 Pontiac Heaven event, Craig started a thread on the Performance Years Online forums...Pontiac - race section entitled 'H-O Racing's "Rocket Box"'. It has basically the same information as presented in the pages here, but with question and answer give & as is typical of those type of internet boards. Some readers here may find that interesting ( link).

Here are some of the unsolicited complimentary comments on that thread.
  • "You have my interest!" - GOAT490
  • "Very nice explanation so far Craig, My comment in my sig still fits: 'Engineers do stuff for reasons'" - Tom Vaught
  • ""HUH------- I only went to high schoooooo" - blueghoast
  • "Lacking all the scientific stuff as to what's going on here... I can just tell you that I'm not surprised in the least that a custom spacer would be worth a LOT of power on a single plane intake when using a Q-jet." - Cliff R
  • "Homer H. Hickam Jr. would be proud."*; - Slick
  • "Craig, you are "The Man". Understanding the theory is hard enough but then making the part yourself too???????????? WOW" - Tom Vaught
  • "Ya know, I'd just like to say a very sincere thank-you for taking the time to even expose us to this. " - Sun Tuned
  • "Minus the brain swelling and a bit of smoke, this is one of the most fascinating threads I've ever read." - Johnny406
  • "this stuff really gets the mind working and opens up the possibilities. Thanks for sharing." - bobzdar
  • "OriginalHO, It was great to see you and talk at Pontiac Heaven!! I think we all look forward to your brilliant insight." - azbirds
  • "Fascinating stuff. Thanks, Craig." - Elarson
  • "thank you!!! for the great info and complete explanation!!! unfortunatly for me its mostly greek, except for the part about installing the cool ass looking box w the ho sticker and picking up 20hp and setting records, i savvy that part real good!!!!" - rtanner

*For those who don't know, Homer H. Hickam Jr's book "Rocket Boys" (a memoir) was the basis of the 1999 movie "October Sky."

This concludes the "Rocket Box" topic.