H-O Racing's "Rocket Box"

What was the "Rocket Box"?

The H-O Racing Specialties "Rocket Box" was a spacer designed and created by Craig Hendrickson in 1977. It was installed between the Quadrajet carburetor and an Edelbrock Torker intake manifold on H-O Racing's 1974 Pontiac Trans Am 455 Super Duty NHRA SS/KA race car. It's purpose was to increase the air/fuel flow resulting in more horsepower. It was one of the significant components which allowed H-O's race car to set the NHRA National ET & speed record in March 1977.

NHRA Super Stock rules required the use of the original (or equivalent) carburetor, stock hood and stock (NHRA legal) cylinder heads. Any intake manifold could be used and it could be modified as desired.

The Edelbrock Torker (WARNING: 11MB PDF file) was new to the market at that time. It was a single-plane, open plenum, single 4-bbl design with a unique "volu-step" in the plenum floor. "Volu-step" was Edelbrock's marketing term for a lowered plenum floor in the front to compensate for the higher velocity discharge from the smaller primaries of the "spread-bore" Quadrajet carburetor. Because of the lowered plenum floor, the front runners were a different shape and size than the rear runners.

The "Rocket Box" was designed to work with these specific rules and components.