Who is OriginalHO?

"OriginalHO" is Craig Hendrickson, pictured right in 1973, one of the two original founders of H-O Racing Specialties, is the H in H-O.

Kern Osterstock, the O in H-O, is pictured left.

Kern Osterstock passed away on July 18, 2013.

From the December 1977 issue of Car Craft magazine

[The citation reads:]

CRAIG HENDRICKSON used to have his head in the clouds, but now he's got his feet firmly planted on the ground. Hendrickson spent seven years in the Air Force as an Astronautical Engineer working on space programs [NASA Apollo and USAF DSP], but since his separation from the service, he's gone into drag racing and the aftermarket parts business in a big way. After building a modified eliminator machine, Craig came to the unhappy realization that there just weren't any good information or hard parts around for Pontiacs--so he decided to provide some.

His first effort was a modest booklet that listed all of the heavy-duty part numbers and specifications for Pontiacs; since then, his H-O Racing Specialties has become the acknowledged leader in Pontiac pieces. A former record holder in SS/KA, Hendrickson has stayed in racing for more than just business purposes. While he considers work a necessity, there's nothing like getting out there on the starting line and checking your reflexes against someone else.

From it's humble beginnings, H-O has grown into a half-million-dollar-per-year mail order business, with over 50 percent of its product list designed by Hendrickson. When it comes to Pontiacs and underdogs of all sorts, Craig Hendrickson is the man to see.

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