What was H-O Racing Specialties?

H-O Racing at its peak

Bill G.'s 1978 Trans Am -- The first production TurboForce T/A. Beautiful and VERY FAST.

From the 1979 H-O Catalog:

H-O RACING SPECIALTIES, INC is a technical information and performance parts company for Pontiac owners, racers and enthusiasts. Our primary goal is to advance Pontiac performance nationwide by providing the correct parts, accurate technical data and proven performance modifications to our customers at reasonable cost.

H-O Racing Specialties, Inc. does the research and development (flow bench testing, electronic dynamometer, street evaluation and competition strip and track testing) mecessary to provide current information, but we have limited our product line to this catalog.

H-O Racing Specialties was formed as a business partnership in early 1973 and became a corporation in May 1974. The initials H and O are from the original partners, Craig Hendrickson and Kern Osterstock, but are also familiar as a Pontiac moniker for their High Output engine series. The first product offered was the Heavy Duty Parts and Specifications for Pontiac book and soon the books and performance kits were added as customer response proved to be substantial.

H-O's business facilities have grown from the original one cabinet in the office of Kern's secretary to the present 6,000 square foot building in Lawndale. This phenomenal growth has been possibile through the combined efforts of Craig Hendrickson and his staff and the patronization of H- O's loyal Pontiac customers. All research and development, technical literature and product offerings are solely paid for by sales revenue. Since H-O is not subsidized by Pontiac Motor Division or any other organization, a purchase at H-O assures the future continued availability of specialized Pontiac performance items. [remainder of 45 page catalog omitted]