What was H-O Racing Specialties?

H-O Racing becomes known to the world

From the October 1973 Popular Hot Rodding magazine
article "Top Tuning Secrets for Pontiac's 389 400 455"

Editor's note: If you're a Pontiac fan and a serious enthusiast, you've noticed the lack of accurate and specific information available on your favorite Poncho V-8. Craig Hendrickson and Kern Osterstock, two serious Pontiac racers from the West Coast, decided that in spite of the lack of hop-up information, it should be possible to make the Pontiac competitive. This resulted in the forming of H-O Racing Specialties, an enterprise dedicated to Pontiac performance.

After an intensive development effort, an 11-second, 3600-lb., 326 cubic-inch 1965 Tempest [see separate H-O Racing project on this website] finally emerged and was campaigned Aon Southern California strips. Armed with this experience, Craig and Kern decided that other Pontiac owners should be able to benefit from their hard-earned knowledge and build their own super Pontiacs. Between the two of them, they have owned a dozen Pontiacs, running the gamut from a 1963 Tempest A/FX to a 1971 Trans Am. All of them reflect how effective the right information can be made in making the Pontiac turn on.

They have managed to take enough time out from their drag racing and flow bench research to write two comprehensive books. Their first book, Heavy-Duty Parts and Specifications for Pontiac, lists and discusses hundreds of performance parts that have been made by Pontiac. Since it makes parts-chasing a breeze, it's well worth its [outdated] price.

Their latest book, Pontiac High-Performance Engine Design and Blueprint Assembly, is sure to become a Pontiac engine builder or tuner's bible. At [outdated price] it is probably one of the best Pontiac performance bargains around. Both books may be mail-ordered prepaid from H-O Racing Specialties, [address defunct].

This article was extracted from information in both of these books and represents only a sample of what is available. So if this article whets youir appetite for Pontiac knowledge, we can highly recommend both of the books for an in-depth treatment of pure Pontiac performance. [Entire 6 page article at the link above.]

From the March 1974 Popular Hot Rodding magazine
article "More Pontiac Performance Secrets"

Editor's note: Due to the fantastic response to the "Top Tuning Secrets for Pontiac's 389-400-455" article in the October 1973 issue of POP ROD, we asked Craig Hendrickson and Kern Osterstock of H-O Racing Specialties to tell our readers how to build a high-performance low-compression Pontiac engine for street/strip use. They built it in accordance with their Pontiac High Performance Engine Design and Blueprint Assembly manual, and they used factory available parts listed in their Heavy-Duty Parts and Specifications for Pontiac book. The results were impressive, as the following article illustrates. [Entire 6 page article at the link above.]