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Drag Strip Calculator

This calculator estimates drag strip performance based upon the input engine torque curve and the vehicle plus other parameters selectable in the input box. It is an ESTIMATE ONLY but should be "in the ballpark". As at a real drag strip, changing (usually only one) input variable (at a time) should give a good estimate of performance increase or decrease relative to a "baseline" run.

The default is for the Gen-2 Firebirds with Pontiac V-8 engines, but is setable for many other years and model Pontiacs (and probably other brands) by using the pulldown menus in the first (input) section.

Default torque values available into the calculator are gross numbers for a 1978-79 Trans Am W72 400 4-speed manual transmission.

NOTE 1: Be sure to select whether the numbers are Gross (prior to 1972 or Dyno2000) or Net (7-10% less than Gross).
NOTE 2: The CSV data box input can be copied into the Windoz "clipboard" and then pasted into a text editor and saved to a file on your hard drive. The reverse can also be done to retrieve a prior input. The calculator itself will NOT save directly to nor retrieve from your hard drive.

The Calc HP button in the input (top) section is optional. It calculates the peak horsepower value at RPM corresponding to the engine torque values entered. Interpolation between 500 RPM increments for a possibly higher HP is NOT done.

All the other input parameters in the pulldown menus should be self-explanatory.

RPMTorqueRPMTorque RPMTorqueRPMTorque
20003500 50006500
25004000 55007000
30004500 6000 G/N
Peak HP @RPM
Body/Wt: TransmissionConverterRear gear
WheelsRear tireDensity AltDriving

60 ft 1 to 2
330 ft 2 to 3
1/8 mi 3 to 4
1/4 mi 4 to 5
0-60 mph Trap