Original H-O's Camshaft
Lobe Profile Calculator #3

This calculator computes a "best fit" curve approximating the actual lift profile of the specified camshaft lobe. Using the resultant cam lobe Lift profile, the calculator then computes the tappet velocity (V*100) and acceleration (A*100) at each 5 crankshaft degree (Deg) increment from max lift to lobe lift at advertised duration on the closing side of the profile. The opening side is symmetrical (mirror image) to this.

The calculator then numerically integrates the derived lobe acceleration (A*100) into lobe velocity (iV*100) and then the lobe velocity into lobe lift (iLift. For checking purposes, the curve lobe lift (Lift) should be the same as the numerically integrated lobe lift (iLift) resulting from integrating the differentiated velocity (iV*100) and differentiated acceleration (A*100).

Deg Lift V*100 A*100 iV*100 iLift