Original H-O's Camshaft
Lobe Profile Calculator #2

This calculator computes a "best fit" curve approximating the actual lift profile of the specified camshaft lobe. Using the resultant cam lobe profile, the calculator then computes the net lobe lift at each 5 crankshaft degree increment from max lift to advertised duration lift on the closing side of the profile. The opening side is symmetrical (mirror image) to this. The Avg lift is the "Area Under the Curve" of the valve lift profile divided by the advertised duration.

Pick a Cam type, pick a Lobe use, then pick a Lobe profile or input your own. If desired, change rocker ratio. Then click Compute curve button.

NOTE: "Ctr line" is listed for the cam selected, but it is ignored in this program as it does not affect the output. This value is used in other H-O calculators.

Deg Lobe Valve