1979 Trans Am W72 4-Speed Project

Post completion electrical issues

Although I had driven this T/A extensively locally, it was not until I took it on a multi-day 2,000+ mile trip from Pahrump, NV (near Las Vegas, NV) to Witchita, KS (2010 GTOAA Convention) and back that several electrical issues surfaced, to wit:

  • The alternator field terminal wire broke inside the connector. This was not discernable by visual inspection (it looked OK), but the result was the alternator quit charging. Fortunately, this was early in the trip and I was able to stop at an auto parts store in Las Vegas to buy a box of connectors and repair it.
  • Upon leaving Wichita, KS after the GTOAA convention, I encountered a heavy rain storm while on I-70 returning to Denver where I was visiting an old friend. After a while, the wipers quit. This was due to a failed wiper motor. Upon return to Pahrump, NV I swapped a working motor out from a Firebird parts car.
  • During the same return trip, the driver-side power window quit. Fortunately, it quit in the up position. When I returned, I traced the problem to a corroded switch on the center console. Once discovered, it was an easy repair.

No other problems of any kind were encountered. This Trans Am was sold in May 2012 on eBay.

This concludes the restoration story.