1979 Trans Am Restoration Project

WS6 W72 4-Speed

Project Status as of May, 2012

I and a partner purchased this Trans Am on June 29, 2006. We bought it from a charity to whom it had been donated for them to sell. It was a #4 condition car, i.e., not driveable, but was almost all there. It was just missing the hood scoop and a few minor items. The important thing was that had the correct 5th letter "Z" in the VIN. There were 8,326 Trans Am W72 4-speeds sold out of 141,958 Trans Ams and Formulas produced in 1979 per John M. Witzke, W72 Performance Package Historian (2002).

My partner sent off to Pontiac Historical Services for certified information about this Trans Am. The invoice price was $6,698.37 on Jan 30, 1979. The significant options were:

  • L78 6.6 Litre (400) 4BBL V-8 Engine - $70.20 net
  • Special Performance Package (WS6,W72) - $338.52 net

In retrospect, what a bargain, eh? Here are a couple of PDFs about the 1977-79 W72 option published by John M. Witzke (You will need Adobe Reader to view them):

This is a dyno curve comparison of the 1977 W72 (200HP) vs 1978 W72 (220HP):

Our intention was to restore it to #2 condition, drive it around a while and then sell it for a profit. As it turned out, I finished the restoration in September 2009. We broke even on this venture (not counting my labor), selling it on eBay in May 2012. The upside was we (primarily me) had a great time driving this Trans Am. I drove it locally and to such events as the GTOAA National Meet in Witchita, KS in 2010 and Pontiac Heaven in Phoenix, AZ in 2011.

These web pages show in captioned pictures the restoration of this rare Trans Am.