1977 Firebird 350 4bbl AT Restoration

Fix movie cloned 1978 Trans Am for actress

After the movie shoot in the USA was completed, the Producer/Director paid Craig to undo (fix) the non-standard changes made to the clone Trans Am. The reason for this was that the Producer/Director was partly paying Daryl Hannah (one of the actresses in the movie) by giving her the Trans Am. He also paid Craig to then deliver it to her home in Malibu, CA.

The following captioned pictures show some of that work.

The proper Pontiac "arrow" emblem was not on the English Trans Am, but was easy to purchase and install on what we were now calling the "Hannah Bird".

The bizarre movie hood scoop had been attached with nuts and bolts through holes in the hood and scoop. Those holes had to be patched and repainted.

The rear tail lighs surround panels were repainted.

"Hannah Bird" finished and ready to deliver.