1977 Firebird 350 4bbl AT Restoration

On location with clone 1978 Trans Am

Here are some pictures of the cloned 1978 Trans Am at one of the movie shoot location in Crystal, NV near Pahrump, NV and Las Vegas, NV on October 17, 2009.

Clone was driven from Las Vegas to Crystal by one of the movie crew.

Clone parked next to the movie crew rental van in the parking lot of the Short Branch Saloon.

The faux Police car also was at this movie shoot location.

A real motorcycle club ("The Gents") was part of the movie action. Craig arranged for them to be in the movie through a couple of his friends who were in the club.

"The Gents" motorcycle club in front of the Short Branch Saloon being briefed on their part in the movie.

"The Gents" motorcycle club driving in 2x2 formation on the road in front of the Short Branch Saloon.

The camera girl for the movie. That is a 3D camera!

A scene from the movie with two actors and "The Gents" motorcycle club. The plot for this movie scene is that the two "Blues Brothers" were captured and tied up by the "gang". Then taken for a ride mounted backwards on the leader's bikes in order to convince them to talk. Note the yellow cloned Trans Am in the background.