1977 Firebird 350 4bbl AT Restoration

English movie 1978 Trans Am

In early May 2009 Craig received a phone call from a movie producer/director from England. He was interested in my 1979 Trans Am W72/WS6 4-speed for use in a movie he was currently filming in England and later in Las Vegas and vicinity. However, the Trans Am he had in England was a 1978 and Craig's 1979 was not very suitable because it would be expensive to convert and it was the wrong color.

Craig informed him that he had a 1977 Firebird that could be cloned into a 1978 Trans Am with a minimum parts and effort since it already had the shaker scoop & hood and rear spoiler. It would need front grilles, side & front spoilers as well as Trans Am front fenders with air extractors. The former could be purchased from several USA companies and I already had a good spare set of the latter. Since Craig's 1977 Firebird was already in primer, painting it identically to his 1978 Trans Am would be straight forward. The 350 engine would NOT be changed.

Here are pictures of the 1978 Trans Am they are using to film in England:

Note the bizarre "scoop" with "squirrel cage blower"!

At least the hood decal looks good.

The bizarre "scoop" does not look any better from the side.

The 15x7 "Snowflake" wheels need to look like this.

The tail lights need to look like this.