1974 Trans Am SD-455 NHRA SS/KA Record Holder

"Trick parts"

The following special design and stock parts were used on the 1974 Trans Am SD-455 NHRA SS/KA National Record Holder.

  • Pontiac 1973 455 Block with 2-bolt mains with 8 thick iron sleeves bored 0.060" over.
  • H-O "Rocket Box" spacer with ported Edelbrock Torker-1 intake manifold.
  • H-O Crankshaft magnetic trigger (fixed timing) firing early MSD-7 ignition box.
  • Pontiac 1963 421SD mechanical tach-drive distributor with S-W mechanical tach on hood.
  • Crane R268/408-2S-8 mechanical roller camshaft with rev kit.
  • Crane 1.65:1 aluminum rocker arms with D&D 3/8" chromoly pushrods.
  • H-O Crankcase vacuum system connected to header collectors
  • H-O neoprene rear main seal.
  • Stock SD-455 rods (7/16" bolt) and stock SD-455 crankshaft
  • Stock SD-455 cylinder heads and valves with competition valve job.
  • NHRA-spec 6 point roll cage.
  • Art Carr 3700RPM-stall torque converter with Art Carr TH-400 transmission.
  • JR 2" race headers with H-pipe connector and 3" collector extensions.
  • H-O 3-link rear suspension using stock leaf springs.
  • M&H 14"x31" rear drag slicks in tubbed wheelwells
  • Geis 12-bolt 5.13:1 rear gear and girdle with chromoly 31-spline axles.
  • Hurst reverse pattern "Bang shifter"